Better than windy and all natural, designed to clean the lungs of mucus & congestion, stop coughing and increase healthy oxygen intake.

Opens the lungs naturally and helps to clear the airways and prevent mucous build up.

You will breathe easy knowing your horse can BREATHE FREELY!

4 ounce bottle -1 dose is ½ bottle (2 ounces)

  • How do I use it?

    For best results start 5 days before heavy work or competition. You may choose to administer the day before and day of work or competition based on your horses individual needs. 

  • Can I use this with other products?

    Yes. Use in conjunction with any of our products. We recommend  Hemeguard you can help your horse with allergies and mucous build/prevention. Hemeguard contains human-grade bioflavonoids plus Vitamin C, K & E chelated trace minerals, B-complex and active probiotics and naturally helps to kill mold and blocks allergens within the body!


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