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"ENERGEA" - "Finish Stronger & Recover Faster” Prevent Tying Up

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The only product on the market which has been scientifically proven to prevent and reduce the production of lactic acid therefore preventing tying up.

Your horse will breeze and race more efficiently and will come

out of their performances fresher & bounce back faster.


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  • Turn your seconds into wins!

    Energea burns fat, increases energy, reduces lactic acid, prevents muscle fatigue, stimulates the immune system,  increases endurance and mental focus. It contains a proprietary blend of DMG, Lipoic Acid, Acetyl Carnitine & L-Carnitine Fumurate.

    Use as directed or you may give 1/2 tube 4 hours out then 1/2 tube 24 hours out and 1 full tube day of competition according to the rules of racing in your jurisdiction.

    For tying up – use 14 days straight – give a full tube the day before training then the next 13 days give ½ tube a day


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