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"Ap A Tight" is created by NATURE

"Ap A Tight" is created by NATURE

(formerly ulcrs aid) Now you can truly heal your horse from the 'inside out'.  Helps to detoxify, soothe and heal the gut.  Aids in the prevention and healing of equine gastric and intestinal ulcers, increases appetite, builds muscle and increases energy. It has the ability to act as a natural dewormer, prevent colic and give your horse the optimum health they deserve.

Horse owners will love the way their horse's coats and temperaments begin to shine.

Use Ap A Tight and enjoy a true healing-- the Natural way!


  • “ULCER’s AID” vs. Competitiors

     What Is the DIFFERENCE Offered In “Ap A TIGHT”— from Other Competitors?

    The leading difference with C that sets it apart from other products, is that AP A Tight is created by NATURE

    More than 300 Herbs, Grasses and Wild Flowers make the foundation of Ulcer’s Aid. Nature produces a substance called “Moor” which is rich in natural minerals, herbs and flowers. It is also anti- bacterial. In nature, horses have been healed both internally and externally, for thousands of years, drinking from pristine ponds, which produce these rich and healing nutrients. Ulcer’s Aid has been able to harvest these rich pond nutrients through our special harvesting and processing procedures.
    The result— the finest HEALTHY AID for ULCERS ever created— “Ulcer’s Aid”

  • How Do I Know If My Horse Has Ulcers?

    Horses many exhibit signs that they have ulcers. 90% of endoscopic examinations given to horses— especially performance horses, resulted in a confirmation that the horse did, indeed, have ulcers. The only real way to tell is to have your veterinarian out to confirm this condition. But there are symptoms that your horse may exhibit to warn you that he or she is suffering with ulcers.

    Classic Symptoms Of Ulcers Include:

    * Biting at their sides when no flies or other irritations are present

    * Irritability or nervousness are often associated with the discomfort of ulcers— particularly when girthing the saddle!

    * A lack of desire to eat— ulcers make their stomachs sore and no one wants to eat with a sore stomach.

    * Lack of performance, swishing tail, and an inability to concentrate on the tasks at hand (again when you don’t feel well, it is hard to perform)

    * Laying down immediately after eating

  • How long does a bottle last and is it cost effect?

    Why pay $30.00 a day for other products when you can pay just over $3.00 per day.
    Feed 1 oz. twice daily for two weeks, then 1 oz. daily. (Preferably before feed on an empty stomach for the first two weeks, after the initial two weeks you may add to feed)   
    One bottle at 32 ounces will normally last 32 days for the horse to receive 1 ounce a day.  However, the loading dose is 1 ounce twice a day for the first two weeks. Your first bottle should last 16 days.
     We recommend starting with two bottles so your horse can be on the product for a full 48 days before you need more.  After the initial bottle, one bottle will last 32 days.


        Net Weight 32 FL.OZ
        Ingredients: Calcium, Silicon, Iron, Magnesium, Titanium, Aluminum, Sodium, Manganese, Boron, Copper, Barium, Tin
        Also contains albumins which form an additional amino acid groups, important for growth and development.

  • Supreme Vitamin & Ulcer's Aid

    Is It True That I Should Use “Supreme Vitamin” In Conjuntion With Ap A Tight— For Best and Better Long Term Results?

    YES! Supreme Vitamin should be used in conjunction with Ulcer’s Aid because it is the foundation product created by Kingdom Nutrition Company to aid in digestion. Supreme Vitamin provides BOTH Prebiotics and Probiotics— as well as complete vitamin, mineral and amino acid support to obtain optimal health, well being and thus, enhance your horse’s performance ability.



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