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"ULCERS AID" for more than just ulcers

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Ulcers Aid…given daily for more than just Ulcers

You will feel the difference in your horses attitude and see the difference in their eye, their coat, condition & energy.


  • Nature's Feed Supplement For Horses

    Having a belly ache is no fun..

    That’s why we made Ulcers Aid.


    The miracle is here, a natural product that aids in the prevention and healing of equine gastric and intestinal ulcers, increases appetite, builds muscle and increases energy. This concentration of more than 300 herbs, grasses and wild flowers is derived from rich moorlands formed by nature. It has the ability to act as a natural dewormer, prevent colic and give your horse optimum health it deserves.

    Why pay $30.00 a day to protect your horse against gastric ulcers when you can get the same benefit and more with Ulcer's Aid!

    Given daily your horse will thrive and you will know you have made the best choice for your horses overall health, while healing or preventing stomach and gastric ulcers.

    Net Weight 32 FL.OZ

    Ingredients Calcium, Silicon, Iron, Magnesium, Titanium, Aluminum, Sodium, Manganese, Boron, Copper, Barium, Tin

    Also contains albumins which form an additional amino acid groups, important for growth and development.

    Feed 1 oz. twice daily for two weeks, then 1 oz. daily. (Preferably before feed on an empty stomach for the first two weeks, after the initial two weeks you may add to feed)

  • How long does bottle last and is it cost effect?

    One bottle at 32 ounces will normally last 32 days for the horse to receive 1 ounce a day.

    However, the loading dose is 1 ounce twice a day for the first two weeks. Your first bottle should last 16 days.

     We recommend starting with two bottles so your horse can be on the product for a full 48 days before you need more.

    After the initial bottle, one bottle will last 32 days.

    At $99 a bottle it comes to $3.09 a day or $21.65 a week for the normal dosage.


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