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(formerly equi no bleed)

An all NATURAL herbal supplement, designed to prevent bleeding in horses by SEALING the capillaries in the lungs.

Fortify the capillaries in your horse and Stop the Bleeding.  

Equi No Bleed is for all competitive horses under the stress of racing or extreme work. Particularly Race Horses and Barrel Horses! Allow three weeks use of Equi No Bleed after your has bled to let your horse heal and give the product time to do its job.

Combined with Guardit it has a 90% stop rate for bleeders as long as no lung or gutteral pouch infection is present. 30 day supply

  • Why is it best taken with Hemeguard?

    Stops It and GUARDIT It are best when  taken TOGETHER as these products work synergistically to provide the BEST support for horses that bleed.

    Hemeguard actually cleans and heals the capillaries, while EQUI-No Bleed works on a different pathway to seal the capillaries and thus prevent leakage. These products are offer real and highly effective solutions for any horse with BLEEDING or respiratory problems.



    All Kingdom Nutritional supplements come with an unconditional refund if the customer is unhappy with the products. Thank you for your business.


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