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The original leading horse nutritional product designed to prevent bleeding by healing and strengthening the integrity of the capillaries in the lungs.

This propriety formula of nutrients and natural antiaflotoxin agents will fortify the capillaries in the lungs and destroy any mold that was present in hays and grain which causes damage and weakens the flexibility of the capillaries, preventing bleeding and clearing mucous.

The blood capsules can become brittle and leak. Hemeguard strengthens the permeability of the blood capsules. Allow three weeks use of Hemeguard after your has bled to let your horse heal and give the product time to do its job.


Is Your Performance Horse a BLEEDER?   Does Your Horse Struggle With Breathing or Allergy Problems?

Perhaps the most widely recognized of all disorders affecting race horses, barrel racing horses and performance horses, is bleeding, or exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH). We now know that most racehorses bleed at some time during their careers. Perhaps the most widely recognized of all disorders affecting racehorses is bleeding, or exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH). In addition, many horses suffer with allergies from dust, pollens, etc and this can hinder performance.


  • Formulated for bleeders and performance horses

    Hemeguard contains human-grade bioflavonoids plus Vitamin C, K & E chellated trace minerals, B-complex and active probiotics.


  • Why is Hemguard best taken with Equi No Bleed?

    EQUI-No Bleed and HEMEGUARD are best when taken TOGETHER as these products work synergistically to provide the BEST support for horses that bleed.

    Hemeguard actually cleans and heals the capillaries, while EQUI-No Bleed works on a different pathway to seal the capillaries and thus prevent leakage. These products are offer real and highly effective solutions for any horse with BLEEDING or respiratory problems


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